I’m still trying to get to the point when I can be happy about everything when I wake up. I do think a lot. I don’t dig math. I do love people. Hallways can be lonely. Hallways can be anything. I really like people who dig people with everything they have. Things don’t have to be such a big deal. Influence is everywhere if I let it be. Dogs are good. Writing is good. People who don’t know you but care anyway are really good. There are cool people everywhere. I need a lot of sleep. I want to be everything. Picasso was really cool when he was young. Conversations in books are very good sometimes. I can change things. Movies could make me cry if I let them. Disney makes good movies. Time when I’m already awake before school with friends is good. Friends are good. Detentions don’t bug me so much. Sometimes really good people go away. Sometimes I’m wrong. It’s easy to be wrong. Songs can bring back more memories than I can deal with sometimes. I get sad. When I try to make one thing everything in my life, it doesn’t work. Things mean more to me than people give me credit for sometimes. I can meet people at parties. I’m not very responsible. I love getting letters. I lose things. I like it when nice people wake me up in the morning. Alarm clocks are really not good. So many people have done cool things near me and for me and with me. I’m so disgusting. You look at me & I look normal… But I’m not.

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